C.C. Club

Okay, choosing the C.C. Club as Minneapolis's best neighborhood bar may seem a woefully obvious pick. But the fact is, it's as good a choice as ever. Ground zero for the Eighties' local punk scene, as well as the counterculture watering hole of the Uptown area, this local landmark now has the dubious honor of being one of the last crusty holdouts in the rapidly gentrifying Lyn-Lake neighborhood. Sound alarmist? Tell that to someone who remembers a time before Calhoun Square--or those days just a few years ago when teen tramps would congregate around the picnic tables at McDonald's. Remember how cool the Uptown Bar used to be, when it was dark, seedy, and pulsing with the best rock in the country? Well, a little of that lurid charm is available through the postpunk time warp that is the C.C. Club, where the nicely decaying Polynesian décor is illuminated with dim lights and neon bargain beer signs; where the smoke is thicker than the beer guts; where regulars belly up at happy hour to watch Wheel of Fortune; and where the jukebox churns out everything from Deep Purple to the Pixies.

Location Details

2600 S. Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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