Winona Ryder

Reality bites, indeed. It's maybe a stretch to call Winona Ryder a local girl. And after the mercurial pixie was busted in December for allegedly swiping nearly $5,000 worth of threads from a Beverly Hills boutique while toting a stash of painkillers without a prescription, we're not in any hurry to claim her. But Ryder did borrow the name of her Minnesota hometown (she claims she was planning to return it), and her romantic résumé, which reads like the Los Angeles phone book, does include homeboy Dave Pirner. So, even in a year that saw runner-up Sara Jane Olson turn her L.A. trial into a three-ring circus, Ryder seemed to take the most precipitous tumble from grace of any homegrown headcase. And let's not even get started on Girl, Interrupted or Autumn in New York.


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