Josh Hartnett

People this famous aren't supposed to be from the Twin Cities. Especially people this famous who are only 23 and who once worked at the Mall of America. Yet there's no denying that Josh Hartnett is a bona fide star, and one who just had a very good year--make that an incredible year. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who cast Hartnett in both Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down told the New York Times recently, "You get the sense that Josh isn't acting. With some actors, you see the wheels turning, but not with him. Josh has an inner peace and a strength on screen that brings Gary Cooper to mind." What's Hartnett got planned for an encore to 2001? He has reportedly been tapped for a movie adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's Rum Diary, along with Johnny Depp and Nick Nolte.


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