Club Ashe

Ask any Twin Cities lesbian where the nearest dyke bar is, and she will probably pinch you in the arm as if responding to a bad joke. The punch line, she will say, is that there are no lesbian-specific bars here. Which is true, if perhaps misleading, what with Bryant-Lake Bowl and Café Barbette being popular lesbian stopovers. And then there's Lucy's in St. Paul, which is currently attempting to attract the crowd that used to frequent the Metro--the former lesbian dance club that everyone complained about in its day, and misses now that it's gone. That said, your current best bet for finding the ladies is at the upscale Twilight, which is a monthly event held at the downtown cigar bar, Club Ashé. Make no mistake, this night of rubbing elbows with Minneapolis's most posh and glamorous dykes will cost you: There's an $8 cover charge for starters ($6 if you get in the door before 10:00 p.m.). After that, try $2.50 for a glass of Coke, or $6.00 for a short Stoli and cranberry juice (half-priced between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m.). Yikes! In return, you are treated to a beautiful, dimly lighted bar with numerous mirrors to preen in front of as Madonna pumps through the speakers; and a DJ in the back dance-room who keeps the ladies prancing. And for those who have attracted their most coveted hottie but do not want to leave the bar yet because they have paid EIGHT FRICKIN' DOLLARS just to get in, there is also a VIP/make-out room with chairs, and a couple of couches for horizontal dancing.


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