Drunken singing. Collective nostalgia. No, we're not talking about Kieran's Irish Pub on St. Patrick's Day, but rather Tubby's in northeast Minneapolis on Wednesday nights. Punk rockers find their own kind and their own voices at this unique weekly event hosted by man about town Ian Rans. Obviously, the music here is not for everyone. And who gives a flying frick frack? Let the complainers go to the Stardust Lanes, or the Country Bar & Grill, or Elsie's for their KOOL-108 fare. Here, it's the Gun Club, the Pixies, and the Stooges being butchered by their most devoted fans. To some, the beer selection at Tubby's may be wanting (though they've got plenty of Mexican brews, including Corona, Dos Equis, Negra Modelo, and Tecate). And there is a $2.00 cover charge. But most fans of this event are more than happy to spend that just in order to scream their favorite Dead Kennedys song to people who understand. Not happy with the music selection? Go to www.punkkaraoke.com and put in your own request for next week. Oi!

Location Details

2500 4th St. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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