Back in the late Eighties, a cultural divide was bridged when metal fans who listened obsessively to Metallica and albums like Slayer's Reign in Blood were coerced into putting N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton into the tape deck. This landmark event prompted an eye-opening exposure to rap, a genre they'd previously scorned. In the process, these folks learned not only that the album was pretty damn clever, but also that the cathartic nature of angry music spanned a far wider range than they'd imagined. This spirit of variety is alive at the Triple Rock, whose jukebox houses both aforementioned albums, along with discs from the ultimate angry genre, punk, in numbers unsurpassed anywhere else. Curtis Mayfield, Black Flag, the Beastie Boys, Patsy Cline, D.R.I., Digital Underground, CCR, AC/DC, and Atmosphere all coexist in harmony. This mix makes it possible to hear old favorites all night, or check out something you've heard of but never heard. You can afford to take chances, as a buck nets four songs instead of the typical three. The bar also boasts reasonably priced, reasonably strong drinks; a good beer list; judicious use of gaming space (one pool table, a South Park pinball machine, and a Golden Tee game); and a vegan-friendly menu with both a sense of humor and an eagerness to please. (With items like the Big Ass Meatwich on offer, carnivores will do just fine here, too.) Night after night, all of this proves enough to unite be-studded youngsters, bald-headed punk veterans, leather-clad longhairs, and the vehemently vegan alike.

Location Details

629 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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