Andrew Broder

While it may have been more predictable to let DJ Abilities (the turntable phenom of Atmosphere fame) rule this category, Andrew Broder (a.k.a. DJ Andrew, a.k.a. Fog) stakes a strong claim to the title this year. Broder's signing to influential Ninja Tune Records--also home to mind-blowing turntablists Coldcut, as well as DJ Food, and Mr. Scruff--caps off years of creativity on the local scene. The 23-year-old St. Louis Park native took to the tables (and to the streets with spray paint) when he was 15 years old. He's since developed a "bipolar guitar/turntable fixation," which he demonstrates with the local band, Lateduster, as well as in his one-man outfit, Fog. Unlike many other DJs obsessed with their "hip-hop" image, Broder prefers to wear jeans, and a net cap atop his head. He pushes the envelope musically, too. For example, his song "Check Fraud" starts with Broder on guitar, then features him scratching over that sound with a Japanese flute. "I am no longer interested in fulfilling the hip-hop quota when it comes to playing turntables," Broder told an interviewer on the Ninja Tune Web site. "Cutting up the word Fresh didn't seem right for a song about the guilt and shame of being wealthy." It is for this discriminating taste that Broder will continue to quietly rise up--kind of like a Fog.


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