Minneapolis hip-hop duo the C.O.R.E. spend a lot of time making things. On the last Friday of every month, they make a concert hall out of the Circle of Discipline, a boxing gym on East Lake Street. For this event, they make room on the bill for popular out-of-towners (Chicago's Typical Cats) and local up-and-comers (Unknown Prophets). They make you nod when they cook up such coinages as "boombasticalistic." And, best of all, they make you laugh. "This song will make you slap your producer," announces the first voice on "New Thoughts," from Part 1: The EP (3rd Eye Entertainment). The chorus also makes sense: "Here's a new thought: Go take back that wack album that you bought/And get up on this right here." The guys make haste with a sample of George Benson that makes you wonder what they'll make up next. The only thing the C.O.R.E. don't make is money, but give them time: They're making a full-length album, too.


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