"This is so junior high," our friend groans as we tee off beneath a papier-mâché dinosaur head. True. But Lava Links, located next to an army recruiting station in a down-at-heel Roseville mini-mall, remains one of the few places around to get your putt on during the endless winter. True, also, that Lava Links is no Robert Trent Jones masterpiece: This volcano-themed 18-holer has none of the ball-munching Rube Goldberg machinery typical of more ornate outdoor courses (the principal hazards here are, in fact, more likely to be frayed carpeting and small children wandering across the fairway). But if you have a healthy appreciation for kitsch--or, better yet, if you have wee'uns that need entertaining--this course, and its attached video arcade, may put you in mind of pizza parties of yore. If you're looking for a cheap date (green fees are $5), it might be worth mentioning as well that the secluded, black-lit back nine is a prime spot for any number of other junior-high-level diversions.

Location Details

1655 W. Cty Road B2
White Bear Lake MN 55115


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