We don't know whether Bob Dylan's ever been to a dog park, but in 1970 he wrote: "In harmony with the cosmic sea/True love needs no company/It can cure the soul, it can make it whole/If dogs run free." No better words describe the sheer joy to be found in a dog park, particularly the Minnehaha site along the Mississippi River. Unleashed, literally and figuratively, our best friends get to be themselves in this idyllic, five-acre setting. The trail winds through the woods, with trees aplenty to sniff and mark. Eventually the walk leads to a beach, at which point most dogs, especially on hot days, charge into the water. Soon they're splashing noisily, chasing tennis balls, racing one another, and, yes, rolling on the occasional dead fish. There are no breed boundaries here: Labs frolic with boxers, poodles cavort with mutts. It's the closest thing to canine paradise, disturbed only by the occasional fracas over a beloved Frisbee or chew toy.

Location Details

5399 S. Minnehaha Pk Drive
Minneapolis MN 55417


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