Those who would dispute this choice have likely not visited the Quest on a Saturday night for Sound in Motion's 18+ electronica extravaganza "Plush." Yet even prior to this ultra-successful night's kickoff in January, the club had smartly recognized the need for high-quality dance-music events in the wake of the rave's untimely demise in the Cities. In the process, the Quest has graciously adopted the orphaned dance-music community, bringing acts like Carl Cox, Dieselboy, and DJ Dan. In addition to dance music, the Quest continues to play host to other kinds of beat junkies, presenting Nikka Costa, Wu-Tang Clan, and Travis. Formerly known as Glam Slam, and formerly owned by the man formerly known as the man formerly known as Prince, the club has two rooms and levels and 24,000 square feet--a large part of that taken up by the dance floor. Its comfortable couches and high tables, along with four full-service bars, make this the mack daddy of local club life--the only choice for those seeking a luxurious environment and a good vibe. If only its competition would, um...compete.


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