Bob Mould

We should have seen it coming. The former Hüsker Dü frontman's affinity for wrestling was never a secret. In 1981 the band played a gig at the 7th Street Entry that featured wrestlers grappling onstage beside our fledgling hardcore heroes. And during the Hüskers' heyday, Mould spent a fair amount of time hanging around with Minnesota's wrestling royalty, including the reigning heel of the day, Jesse Ventura. Still, we nearly spit up our coffee upon reading a February New York Times Magazine interview in which the erstwhile rocker explained that during a recent hiatus from the music scene he'd been writing wrestling scripts for Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling. Then again, the move makes some sense. Back in the day, Hüsker Dü may have seemed like the most earnest band in the world. But at his core, Mould is a hyperbolic soul--and that's a neat fit with a certain "sports entertainment" spectacle that's awfully big on cable these days.


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