Who would think that finding places to host shows for underage kids would be so difficult? With the end of live gigs at St. Paul's Eclipse Records and Bon Appétit in Dinkytown, this song is getting really tired. That's especially true for the crew that used to run the Bombshelter, the former basement venue now remembered for the 1997 clash between Minneapolis police and punk rockers. Those folks have resurfaced in the Bloomington-Lake area and are now working to secure a legitimate space whose address can be safely printed in the paper. Also new this year, St. Paul's Fireball Espresso Café is bringing the bands to the kids. One of the best local showcases around is In the Garage, hosted by KFAI's the Dan One every Sunday at the Dinkytowner Café. The kids come down to this basement bar on alcohol-free Sunday afternoons to shoot pool, look cool, and embrace one of their first chances to experience live rock outside the confines of the Target Center. If that isn't a worthy endeavor, then we don't know what is.


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