SexWorld is still the multilevel adult-entertainment giant in the Twin Cities, offering everything from naughty cakes to plastic wind-up toys with unexpected, and sometimes appalling, surprises. Their rental selection is enormous and meticulously organized, as befits such a giant, and offers up what old-time street barkers for adult theaters might have called "a bounty of pernicious pulchritude for your perusing pleasure." There are the various big production houses represented here: Vivid Video, Sin City, VCA, etc. So, too, there are all sorts of specialty racks: bondage, ethnic-specific, and the still-popular "pro-am" genre, in which the stars of adult films couple with--well, just about anybody who has never appeared in an adult video before. A two-day rental is $4.28, and with 20,000 feet of merchandise, you're not likely to run out of naughty options anytime soon. But we would like to recommend SexWorld for an additional reason, one that stretches the definition of "rental" slightly (but then, when dealing with adult entertainment, it helps to be flexible): its circus-colored booths several floors up, where, for mere quarters, you can rent dozens of channels of titillating adventure. The staff's film picks for these booths are often unexpected and hilarious, from erotic cartoons to outrageous costumes. The result is that it is growing increasingly common for clusters of friends to take over a row of booths, calling out to one another their discoveries: "Channel 23! Look at those fingernails!" "Channel 11! Is that even physically possible?"


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