So cheap, so good. Café Barbette's oft-changing, Europe-heavy wine list has begun to enact a subtle change among a certain group of Uptown fans, causing them to treat--hold on to your hats here--wine with the same casual trust and enthusiasm previously reserved for beer. It's the pricing that's done it, we think, and all hail Annette Peters, wine-list designer and import director for the Wine Company, the sole supplier of everything on this list, for showing us that monopolies can be good. With bottles priced as low as $14, and with five glasses to a bottle, why, the stuff can be cheaper than beer! Fancier wines available for those who appreciate them, also at fair prices--a nonvintage Bollinger Champagne once showed up for $55. If wine and wine bars are to have any future in the world, it will be thanks to wine lists like this one.

Location Details

1600 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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