Sapor Cafe And Bar

There are two ways restaurants create great service: by constant training, or by caring very, very deeply. Sapor is of the latter variety: Owners Tanya Siebenaler (chef) and Julie Steenerson (manager) go nuts with caring about the customers. Seriously. A visit with a friend with deathly legume allergies had the entire restaurant on alert, included a special batch of baked-just-for-us cookies, and never made us feel like chumps in the process. Siebenaler understands food science and tradition, and she passes along that wisdom to her staff. Servers here have tasted everything the restaurant offers, and they know more about what they're bringing forth than their counterparts at just about any other restaurant in town. (Commonsensical, yes, but plenty of restaurateurs would rather save a couple of dollars by keeping the salmon and sauvignon blanc away from the staff, than allow them to speak authoritatively on the topics.) And yet service at Sapor goes even further than that: Forget your gloves after dinner and they'll call the number on your reservation to tell you about it. That might seem like a little thing, but it's all too rare.

Location Details

428 Washington Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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