Wonder how much south Minneapolis hate mail we can generate with this one. We usually reserve this category for long-way-off establishments the likes of Schumacher's in New Prague and Harbor View on Lake Pepin. Who knew there could be a restaurant in Minneapolis that was half an hour from Uptown? Interesting dishes, such as rare-seared duck breast, and an idiosyncratic, budget-friendly wine list give locals less of a reason to travel to the city's heart for big nights out: How exciting! Imagine if the northern suburbs got a couple of these--why, soon our urban restaurants would really have some cutthroat competition to spook them off their lazy pasta puttanesca pillows. Marimar is a pleasant restaurant, but they're also trying to eat the lunch of a bunch of lazy restaurants, some of which are in the Mall of America, and so we're going to root, root, root for them till we go hoarse.