What is it finally going to take for you to get some of that sweet, sweet loving? A carriage ride around the park? Rose petals on the sheets? Boarding school for the progeny? A bodysuit made of theatrical rubber instantly transforming you into Cameron Diaz or LL Cool J? We can't help you there, but if you reserve a table at the Loring, well, let's just say that would be a step in the right direction. The artfully deconstructed room looks like a stage set for bodice-ripping ballerinas, the lighting is superb, there's usually a saxophonist wailing from somewhere, the view of the park is wind-tossed in winter, bucolic in summer...and chef Patrick Atanalian's food is excellent. And there's something for every wallet, from the bar-favorite pizzas (about $10) to Atanalian's remarkable bouillabaisse dinner. That bouillabaisse deal isn't a mere fish stew, by the way. It's a three-course extravaganza for two that requires 48 hours' notice, costs $70, and will take your date's breath away: You begin with a tureen of musty rockfish soup and a vast heap of toast points and garlicky rouille, move on to a groaning platter of roast fish and shellfish (remember, both garlic and shellfish are aphrodisiacs), and finish with a pair of dessert soufflés. Try not to put your foot in your mouth. If you go to bed lonely, well, sorry, we tried.

Location Details

1382 Willow St.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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