Do you have a favorite Joe's burger? If you don't, you're doing something wrong: You're not enjoying summer intensely enough. Us, we're partial to the Spicy Asian Pork Burger ($9.50) with that marvelous accompaniment of skin-on fries. Some people go for a vegetarian burger, like past favorites black-bean/veggie or sun-dried-tomato/falafel, while others go for that famous curried yellowfin tuna burger, which goes particularly well with a cosmo and a barefoot tumble into the lake. Because Joe's isn't just great outdoor dining, it's a wall-to-wall Spectacular Outdoor Date Management System--with unsurpassed views of the Basilica, a chance to watch summertime bats going after summertime bugs, and ready access to the newly spiffy Loring Park, Loring Bar, and, of course, the always impressive sculpture garden. Just be careful on that bridge, would ya?


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