There are times when half of the Twin Cities media elite pass through this coffee shop in a morning. They come from all walks of information--from radio, television, electronic, and print--but mostly they are writers. Mostly they come because they bought houses in the neighborhood a dozen years ago when houses in the neighborhood were cheap. And they come because the baked goods at Anodyne are so fabulous, the coffee is so expertly poured, and the bathroom so clean. Also, the apple-cider-cooked oatmeal with all the raisins and pecans and pears is so fabulous. But who are we kidding? They come because they are on deadline. They are, as we said, writers. And the only thing a writer loves more than not writing is gathering other writers for community-oriented not-writing, such as discussion about who might be writing, and what, and for how much. If you really want to start an investigation, forward a rumor, find scuttlebutt, or land a low-paying job, proceed immediately to Anodyne and buy a round of oatmeal for the house.

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4301 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55409


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