Fat Lorenzo's

A huge slab of marbled meat is the cliché choice, but we're not biting on it. What's the biggest porterhouse in town weigh in at, anyway, maybe two pounds? Even vegetarians can make a serious run at arterial gridlock by ordering up an extra-large Fat Lorenzo's pie, which tips the scales at nearly five pounds--for about half the price of one of those steaks. A cozy neighborhood pizzeria nestled on Cedar just north of the Crosstown, Fat Lorenzo's has booths and tables, industrial-size tomato-sauce cans upon which a pie is placed to cool on your table, and crayons for doodling on the white-paper tablecloths. For those who like to pretend they're eating healthy, there's mucho mushrooms, green peppers, and other fresh vegetables. But meat eaters, don't fret: Just ask the waiter to throw some sausage and pepperoni onto your circle of gluttonous glory. Your pizza will emerge with so much cheese that you might not see the goodies underneath, but your taste buds--and later, your poor, weary heart--will know they're there, in abundance.

Location Details

5600 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55417


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