Best new restaurant, best new reason to quit regarding the future with fear and loathing. The minute chef Vincent Francoual opened the doors to his French-in-technique, global-when-it-wants-to-be establishment, he irrevocably changed the dining landscape downtown, and all for the better. It's not just the breathtaking halibut with a bacon-fat-fueled crust you could bounce a quarter on, it's the whole ball of wax. The wine list is based on the food, showcasing wines of southwestern Europe, and decently priced, setting a new bar for downtown spots. The prices are far lower than at any comparable restaurant, exerting a refreshing pressure on the competition. What it lacks in frills like valet parking, Vincent more than makes up for in the simple fact that it's the first downtown restaurant for the people who actually live here--as opposed to expense-account visitors ripe for fleecing.

Location Details

1100 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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