The moment you step into Holy Land, you're caught up in the chaos of a Middle Eastern bazaar. Cooks at the deli counter call out to lunchtime patrons to pick up their giant plates of gyros and falafel and baba ghannouj. Once you've made it past that aromatic distraction, you'll come face to face with mounds of pita bread and a veritable wall made up of bags of a dozen different kinds of rice. Continue browsing through the cramped aisles and you might trip over an employee who's trying to stock the already overflowing shelves--one rack boasts no less than 11 different brands of canned fava beans. The little shop is filled with variety: 15 kinds of olives, a half-dozen types of feta cheese, all sorts of yogurts and pickles and fruits and vegetables. Who could leave without some of Holy Land's creamy, garlicky hummus or zesty tabouli salad? And for those with more courageous palates, there's also fresh lamb tongue, liver, kidney, and tripe. "Where are you from?" a clerk shouts to a woman who's perusing the meat selection. "Bosnia," comes the muffled reply. "What do you call this?" he asks, holding out a package of Bosnian meat sausage. "Sudzuk," responds the woman, a smile blooming on her face.

Location Details

2513 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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