What's white, gold, red, and good all over? Fuji-Ya, of course. Is there anything we don't like about this place? The sushi bar has settled down into a first-class operation; the front bar-bar (liquor bar? That sounds dumb) is an exceptionally pleasant place to while away an hour sipping the nice varieties of sake (the wine list is also fine); cheap lunch specials and enormous bowls of noodles are uncommonly user-friendly, as is the extensive selection of vegetarian options. What else? Some of the appetizers, like the grilled hamachi cheeks, are positively fantastic, there are plenty of kid-friendly options, and there are even possibilities for the fish-phobic (like grilled beef tenderloin). Is Fuji-Ya the one restaurant in town that easily accommodates the vegan girlfriend and steak-only partner? Looks like it. Fuji-Ya--answering riddles you didn't know existed, with capacious parking.

Location Details

600 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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