Lucille's Kitchen

What makes the fried chicken at Lucille's Kitchen so good? Secrets, of course. Secret seasonings, secret recipes, secret secrets. But the secret's not as secret as it once was: Nowadays people come from all over to get Lucille's fried chicken--from Duluth, from St. Cloud, from Wisconsin. Sometimes now, as word of this lacquer-crisp, knee-weakeningly tender chicken has spread, requests come in from across the country. "We're surprised ourselves sometimes," says Henry Sullivan, manager (and brother to proprietor Lucille Williams). "People call and ask if we can ship them chicken. No, we can't. Then they want to buy the seasoning. No chance. We never sell that." Sullivan is the original Wingmaster, and if you're a longtime student of chicken in the Twin Cities, you'll know that means he was once the source for Minneapolis's most renowned chicken wings. Those Wingmaster wings are still available at Lucille's, and frankly, we can never resist adding a few to a fried chicken order. But here's some news just breaking: According to Sullivan, the Wingmaster is thinking of making a comeback, in a new location and stand-alone site. Where? That, of course, is still a secret.


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