Those tiny, variegated green berries that resemble nothing so much as miniature Japanese lanterns? They're gooseberries, too tart for eating out of hand but delicious in pies and popular with bakers of a certain age. Those finger-size, gnarled tubers that bear an unfortunate resemblance to the earwigs the evil Khan loosed on the crew of Star Trek's USS Enterprise? That's fresh turmeric. Those hard, thick green coils with the teardrop-shape buds on the very end? Those are garlic scapes, sweet and nutty when sautéed (and one of our personal favorites). And that mottled red globe the size of your fist that crunches open to yield a tart white inside? That's an apple. We should all bow down and thank the "overeducated, underpaid" produce crew at this south Minneapolis institution for broadening our culinary horizons and nudging us gently to put our money where our mouths are when it comes to supporting local sustainable agriculture.


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