Nine times a week, the sign behind the counter proclaims. That's how often fresh fish is delivered to the seafood department in this capacious supermarket. Arriving directly from Pigeon Cove Whole Foods Market, the chain's own waterfront seafood facility on the docks in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the wide selection of fish and shellfish is as fresh as it is tasty. Farm-raised varieties (salmon, trout, tilapia, shellfish) are fattened on natural feed, free of animal byproducts and antibiotics. On the wild-caught side, the company works with the nonprofit Marine Stewardship Council to sustain fish populations and promote well-managed fisheries. And the fishmongers here are eager to help, whether you're an expert chef and know what you want or you haven't got a clue. No flounder in the display case? It just came in, they explain, and they head to the back to get some for you. Interested in sashimi-grade yellowfin tuna? They'll advise which is safer, slicing the fresh fillet or thawing the bacteria-free frozen one (it only takes an hour). Don't know what to grill? They'll run through the pros and cons of whatever's freshest and in season.

Location Details

3060 Excelsior Blvd.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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