A lot of people will argue that trying to pick the best coffee house is like trying to pick the best cash machine: Duh, it's the closest one. But Spyhouse is more than just a coffee house--it's an inspiration to higher living. We're talking serious integrity here. Drip coffee comes from an importer who lives in the neighborhood and hails from a Brazilian coffee farm. Espresso comes from a renowned European roaster. Tea is made just as it should be, with the right-temperature water and free-floating leaves (from TeaSource in St. Paul) in individual pots. Open till midnight daily, great music, stylish as all get-out--think Jam, think Mod, think silver-sphere lamps and thrift-shop chic. And on top of all that, the place is as clean as can be: After closing recently for a day of spring cleaning, the staff returned the following day to find an anonymous well-wisher had left a big blue ribbon on the door, inscribed "Minneapolis's Cleanest Coffee Shop." Now that's devotion.

Location Details

2451 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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