We do hear one complaint about Surdyk's Cheese Shop pretty often, and it runs like this: I went in last Saturday and it was full of other people! In my way! Cheese shoppers seem to be an especially sensitive bunch of flowers, nurtured as they've been on meaty Italian Taleggio; nutty, five-year-aged Gouda; double Gloucester; and creamy pyramids of American Coach Farms goat cheese--all of which you'll find in Surdyk's well-stocked shop. Admittedly, even the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed among us have begun to think about Surdyk's long-planned cheese-shop expansion the same way we do about comprehensive campaign-finance reform: Everybody talks about it, but we'll believe it when, and only when, we see it. Oooh, looks like we've become something of a bouquet of sensitive flowers ourselves. Must be all that cheese.

Location Details

303 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55414


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