Ambition, accomplishment, and too many wicker baskets don't often walk hand in hand in this life, but they do at Turtle Bread. Wandering the aisles recently, we were struck by the sheer accomplishment in so very many fields. Cardamom bread is sweet and light and smells like the lace-doily version of heaven. Normandy cheese bread is rich and herbal; the smell snakes out from the basket headily, just crying for indulgence and wine. Baguettes are creamy and lush in the middle and crisp outside in a way that's utterly distinctive. And the croissants! Ooh, the croissants--as flaky as could be, each bite touched with the piquant tang of real cultured butter. Anyone who's been to Paris lately can tell you that these croissants are better than most of what you'd find over there. To say nothing of the house-made flatbreads, sandwich breads, chocolate cakes, and dozens of other triumphs. It's hard to even know how to praise Turtle Bread at this point; they are so far beyond the leagues of any other competitor. It's like trying to say nice things about the sun.

Location Details

3421 W. 44th St.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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