3 Legged Race

It's time to tip our hat to this venerable five-year-old outfit whose sole mission is to create new work--and by new, we mean really new. Artistic director David Moore Jr., a Yale man and the former executive director of the Playwrights' Center, takes an almost perverse pleasure in seeking out performers from varied art forms (particularly the more obscure disciplines like modern dance, object theater, and circus arts), putting them in a room together, and seeing what emerges. And, as 3 Legged Race often puts up the money for these new works, this makes the company something of a miniature granting agency. So we have a series of annual shows, such as their Summer Blizzard, featuring circus arts, and their Hand Driven series, which focuses on puppetry and object manipulation. A glance at the list of 3 Legged Race alumni quickly reveals the company's dedication to superb and quirky artists: James Sewell, Hijack, Lisa D'Amour, Michael Sommers, and Andrew Kim. Now if Dave Moore could only get all of these performers in the same room with three Mexican wrestlers, a fire-eater, and a giant squid, he might really have something...


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