Eerily exquisite and dazzlingly beautiful, Kaplow's show stood out from the masses of obvious art devoted to identity issues and political dogma. The nature of this installation was seemingly simple. At the center of the piece was a video projection screen, suspended in mid-gallery by taut wires. Here, a seven-minute video loop showed various hands manipulating a small tangle of black wire while a droning cello played in the background. The paintings running along a single wall behind this screen depicted tangles of wire somewhat similar to the one onscreen. Viewed from edge to edge, the panels suggested a continuous progression, with several breaks made up of completely white panels, or string of a different color. The whole came off much like the imperfections a master weaver will purposefully put into a rug--beauty in art being, by nature, an imperfect and human thing. In the end, the exhibition seemed to be a meditation on the randomness of human endeavors--a perfect opportunity for viewers to make their own leaps and associations without being hit over the head.


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