The InnerCityFishing Show

Since the spring of 1998, south Minneapolis's Anderson brothers (Pat, Mike, and Ricky) have been quietly cranking out the most entertaining fishing show you'll find anywhere--let alone on public-access television. Truth be told, the commercial fishing program has become a tired genre, an overloaded, NASCAR-esque billboard for boat manufacturers, tackle companies, and other industry sponsors. There is none of that rank hucksterism here. But wedged between madcap monologues, Burger King shore lunches, impromptu fireworks displays, and zany musical interludes, there is something far better: an earthy and heartfelt enthusiasm for angling and the varied pleasures it affords anyone with a can of nightcrawlers and an afternoon to waste. As the show's name suggests, the brothers Anderson typically fish urban waters, where they target a surprising variety of species. Programs have been dedicated to the pursuit of the relatively exotic: A foray on the Minnesota River saw the Andersons chasing "Chicago walleyes" (their name for red horse suckers). Other shows have featured all the usual suspects: largemouth bass, crappies, northern pike, walleye, and so on. Occasionally, the brothers venture far afield, fishing for jumbo cats on the Red River in Manitoba and sturgeon on the Rainy River near International Falls. But most shows are shot in familiar metro-area locations. The InnerCityFishing Show currently airs exclusively in Minneapolis. But the brothers are looking for the wider distribution of the metro cable system and hope to make the leap in the near future. That should give armchair anglers from Coon Rapids to Rosemount something new to get hooked on.


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