Sometimes the obvious choice is the best choice. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is the down comforter and cup of cocoa of local museums. It is the known entity, the old standby where we've spent countless hours and never left feeling unsatisfied. By now, we can all recite its charms by heart: the three floors of art history from all over the world; the Minnesota Artists Gallery showcasing some of the best local work; the marquee-quality big-ticket shows at the Target Gallery; even the requisite Chihuly thingy hanging in the foyer. But there are lesser-known attractions as well, tucked away along the endless corridors: the library of art books and art magazines, the print-study room where one can view selections from the permanent collection. The Pillsbury Auditorium bustles with its constant docket of lectures, films, conferences, presentations, concerts, and other events. And the family center can give your budding art lovers their first taste of the aesthetic life. As this pleasant museum suggests, it is a good life, indeed.

Location Details

2400 Third Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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