Paula Zahn

A few months ago, there was a minor stir when a CNN promo touted anchor Paula Zahn as "just a little sexy." Embarrassed network execs immediately killed the ad and apologized profusely. But why? It's no great secret that TV news is largely show business, or that show business is largely about looking good. Style sells substance, the theory goes. On the local dial, there's really no competition when it comes to chic couture. Yeah, okay, Paul Magers looks smashing in a dark suit. But who doesn't? And, yes, Amelia Santaniello's pastel-heavy wardrobe gives her a true maternal glow. But come on: KMSP's Robinson makes them all look like they dressed in the dark during a JC Penney fire sale. From the pixyish coiffure to the flattering fit of her suits, Robinson radiates urbane elegance and maverick-yet-unshowy taste. The Robinson style is classic and simple (and, yes, just a little sexy): lavender and mauve jackets cut to showcase the anchor's long neck and sleek line, and accessorized with nothing more ostentatious than a pair of gold earrings. Sitting in the aura of this sophisticated lady night after night might even inspire co-anchor Jeff Passolt to spruce himself up a little (buying a few new ties would be a great start).


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