Greg Waletski

After months of rigorous rehearsal and performance, you'd think Greg Waletski, an 11-year member of Zenon Dance Company, would want to take a break from physical exertion. Instead, he heads to Bristol Bay, Alaska, and spends the summer working as a commercial salmon fisherman. One wonders if the time spent in the pristine northern air adds that extra buoyancy to Waletski's step. Every time he takes the stage, whether with Zenon or as a member of Cathy Young Dance and Wynn Fricke's Borrowed Bones Company, Waletski moves effortlessly, engaging the floor, the space, and the other dancers in a most unselfish way. Equally adept when performing jazz or modern dance, this wiry native Minnesotan really shone this season as part of a large ensemble in Young's Journey/Sanctuary (The Gospel Project). Performing to the joyful noise of the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir, the beaming Waletski seemed to radiate bliss. Although he's been dancing a long time, Waletski never appears bored or burned out. His maturity adds nuance to his physical power, refines his explosive moments, and shapes his personal state of grace.


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