(VINTAGE) (2001)

Theatre Antiques

Plenty of places offer an array of furniture that will make your house look like your grandmother's. Theatre Antiques isn't one of them. Sure, they have a few mission-style rocking chairs and a doily or two, but most of the store's fare is for those who want to surround themselves with stuff they saw on TV shows like The Courtship of Eddie's Father. (If you don't remember this one, you're probably reading this while wearing a pair of bellbottoms.) This isn't a place to scout for bargains, but you won't find junk here either. Browse around and you'll find black leather chairs that are heavy on form and not too big on function for around $200. Light up your selection with a big round fixture ($70), or choose a three-foot-tall "giant Italian glass lamp" sale-priced at $95. If deco and modern aren't your thing, the intricately carved arts-and-crafts fireplace--featuring logs that flicker with the glow of orange light--may be hard to pass up at $1,500. But then you have to figure out where to put it.

Location Details

2934 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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