It's lunchtime on a sunny winter day, and guess where all the suits are rubbing elbows? Goodwill. That's right, no power lunches here--just a little gentle pushing around a bin of slightly worn designer shoes, marked $2.99 a pair. In one corner of the parking lot a heavyset man is forced to put his briefcase in the snow so he can use both hands to jam an iron plant stand into the trunk of his Mercedes. Inside, two corporate-looking women are eyeing a Wurlitzer organ marked at $40. Couches and overstuffed chairs are grouped in a mini-showroom; most are less than $50. One assertive shopper is making off with the nicest dining-room table--an octagonal oak for $60. A pair of bookshelves is going for $40, and there are several wooden chairs under $10 that are just a few sheets of sandpaper away from beautiful.

Location Details

1361 S. Robert St.
West St. Paul MN 55118


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