(UPSCALE) (2001)

For normal mortals--i.e., those of us whose social lives do not require the thrice-weekly attendance of society luncheons and black-tie galas--the following statement rings true: The fancier the garment, the fewer times you're likely to wear it. This is why this women's designer consignment store is such a godsend. Looking for an Armani suit? A Chanel blouse? A Jean Paul Gaultier dress? Just glide under the crisp green awning that marks this no-frills boutique. Among the ample racks of clothes, sorted by type and color, you just might find a gem. The store has exacting standards for the clothes it consigns (so rest easy that those shorts and suits are clean, in good condition, and in season), and the prices drop more the longer an item has been on the floor. For example, an Armani pantsuit might cost $375 in February, but if it's still around in March the price drops to $300. And if no one's snapped it up by April, it's marked down to $187.50. Even if designer slacks and couture dresses aren't your thing, you'll still find plenty of high-quality clothes from well-known makers like Banana Republic, the Gap, and Liz Claiborne. Sizes range from 2 to 28 (maternity clothes are also available), and accessories such as jewelry, purses, hats, and shoes are also in stock. The very best thing about this little nook is the salespeople; sure, you might come in looking for a bargain, but they'll treat you like you're on--you guessed it--Rodeo Drive.


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