(DOWNSCALE) (2001)


As any veteran bargain hunter will tell you, a well-stocked thrift store is one of the luxurious side effects of fat economic times. But the prices at DAV are beyond reasonable. You can pick up a nifty pair of slacks, a shirt, or long underwear for as little as 95 cents. And for the truly bargain obsessed, there's a half-off-everything sale every year on Presidents' Day. It is the size and variety of selection that sets the DAV apart, however. Work, dress, and casual each have their own section. Heck, there's even a section for blaze-orange hunting gear. And unlike most thrift stores--where patrons have to sift through unsorted racks searching for their size--the DAV is meticulously organized. Bargain hunters might want to stock up: In December 1999 the DAV closed its north Minneapolis branch, and now there's a rumor that St. Paul's DAV may be razed to make room for a complex dubbed the Pan Asian Urban Village. We can get over our skepticism about anything called "an urban village." It may very well be a fabulous addition to Frogtown. But if the DAV vanishes, where the heck are we gonna get our snazzy cowboy shirts with the mother-of-pearl buttons?


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