Minnesota Cigar Company

This strip-mall cigar emporium offers all the standard smoking accessories. You can get $1,000 humidors and $100 cigarette lighters; pipes, pipe cleaners, and pipe tobacco; and every conceivable kind of cigar--providing they're legal, of course. There's a comfy leather couch and a widescreen TV in the backroom for those who wish to smoke their stogy with other aficionados. And, for you tobacco philistines, Camel Lights are available as well. But what sets the Minnesota Cigar Company apart from other local tobacconists is its very own line of cigars. Don't worry, the tobacco isn't grown in Minnesota as part of some outstate job-creation program. What you'll get here is the finest Dominican tobacco, hand-rolled according to the Minnetonka store's specifications, and then shipped north. You can choose from four different tobacco blends, each coming in a different shape and size, all for about $5 a pop.


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