Yes, we know it's something our parents would say. But it's true: "They just don't make things like they used to." Go to a regular retail store and you'll pay a hefty sum for a picture frame made of, we shudder at the thought, plastic. Not so at Arc's thrift store (proceeds benefit the nonprofit Arc Hennepin-Carver), where an eight-by-ten-inch oak frame goes for less than two bucks. If you're looking forward to serving up this summer's iced tea in a pitcher that's not made from a mold, you'll find a wide selection of ceramic and glass beauties just like Grandma's for under $5. A set of Robin's-egg-blue wine glasses was recently going for $6. We even spied a vintage croquet set for $10. One of several Arc locations, the Richfield store doesn't sell large furniture items--so every square inch of space is devoted to displaying those little knickknacky things that make a house a home. Lace curtains, colorful afghans, kooky lamps shaped like covered wagons, they're all here for the taking, for little more than the spare change in your pocket.

Location Details

6528 Penn Ave. S.
Richfield MN 55423


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