Vector Internet Services

Call most ISPs for tech support and some impatient know-it-all will tell you to "shut down and restart." And if that doesn't solve the problem, they will sigh, "Call back." Of course, when you do the line is busy, or it just rings and rings while you picture the helpful operator pointing at the phone and laughing. Vector Internet Services, known to cyberjunkies as VISI, doesn't work that way. While other local ISPs dragged their feet on adding DSL service and cable modems, VISI charged ahead, offering those options at reasonable rates. For $19.95 a month users can dial up 200 hours of connect time. And while that may be a couple of bucks more than some of their competitors, VISI's service rarely goes down and it is almost always possible to get online during peak hours. Located in Minneapolis since 1994, VISI is the state's largest business-to-business service provider, but operators are there to answer questions from people like us from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday though Friday. Best of all, as their Web site promises, VISI delivers a "blazingly fast" connection. Now if they would only throw in a pizza.


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