A small sign above the pressers at Vend-A -Wash warns against using the hot irons to affix decals, and the jukebox features hits by Billy Joel and George Thorogood. But it's more than the untouched-by-time ambiance of Minnesota's largest laundromat that attracts everyone from neighborhood moms to Turf Club headliners, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Washers big enough to clean a six-person tent, no waiting for dryers, and an attendant on duty at all times are a few of the perks that put this seedy-looking spot ahead of the competition. Machines are always in good working order and customers are exceptionally adherent to laundromat etiquette. Ample parking, halfway decent restrooms, and clean folding tables round out the amenities. Finally, the vending selection is five star; patrons can score hot buttered popcorn, a Dr. Pepper, a reading from the fortune scale, and a turn at the Skill Crane, all for only two bucks.


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