Saint Paul Hotel

St. Paul is a city of old-world traditions and old money. The elegance of the metro area's finest hotel--opened in 1910, restored in 1979-- amply reflects both. Just walking through the warm, opulent lobby is enough to convince you that you're in New York or Paris, not a small Midwestern river city once known as Pig's Eye. First, settle into a window seat at the St. Paul Grill, order a glass of red wine or a single-malt Scotch, and survey Rice Park--preferably at nighttime, with snow lightly falling outside. Then adjourn to one of the hotel's 254 rooms and suites. During the week, room rates start at $229 before discounts (the corporate rate is $190). On the weekend rooms begin at $180, packages start at $229. For guests with a CEO after their name--or for those who just want to pretend--there's the Ordway Suite, which includes two bedrooms and three bathrooms. (That'll be $675, pal.) In January, the Saint Paul once again earned a Mobil Travel Guide Four-Star Award--still the only hotel in the state to be so honored. And hey, William Jefferson Clinton slept here. With whom? We have no idea.


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