Third Stone

Sativa's Closet at Calhoun Square can try to satisfy the masses, but Third Stone is a timeless icon in the world of hemp shops. The store doesn't carry much in the way of the latest hemp-wax lip balms or hemp-seed foodstuffs, but the mellow vibe more than makes up for it. Owner Tari Sullivan opened in Lyn-Lake nearly six years ago, but she has managed to keep her soul stirring while the retail face of the neighborhood changes. Hippie hats and woven purses made from the rope are plentiful, as are the somewhat embarrassing Phish posters and "urine detox" potions. But on any given day, you can find gracious help behind the counter, some decent Bob Marley bootlegs playing on the store's stereo, an incredible selection of incense, and some "tobacco only" pipes going for as cheap as $12. Third Stone is a grassroots reminder that while the new economy may have gone bust, the wake-and-bake entrepreneurs will live to see a new day rising.


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