(VINTAGE) (2001)

"Vintage" is a slippery term, like "organic" food or "total coverage" insurance. Some stores have stretched the category to encompass retro. (Fools! It's not the same thing!) Others allow for impostors, such as club wear and raggedy hand-me-downs from yesteryear. Sacrilege. You'll find no such perversion of the "vintage" label here. Besides the Corner Store's Levi's jeans and motorcycle jackets, nothing in its small but impeccably selected collection of dresses, coats, shoes, sweaters, and all other basics--plus a limited assortment of menswear--was made after the 1950s. What's more, items are not priced as though they were Smithsonian artifacts: A charming cocktail dress runs about $40; elegant full-length gloves, brooches, handbags, cigarette lighters, shoes, and other accessories start at around $10.


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