We know you don't really need to be told for the umpteenth year in a row that the Electric Fetus is the best damn music store on the planet. They have an astounding selection, sub-Best Buy pricing, a staff that's low-key enough to let you browse for hours but be instantly available if you should need their encyclopedic knowledge of music. But there's another reason we frequent the Fetus almost as often as our neighborhood watering hole. These guys love this stuff as much as we do--maybe more. To wit: It is mid-December, and in a typical last-minute frenzy of holiday shopping we're scooping up the last copy of a Johnny Cash box set for a friend. When we finally scrum our way to the counter, a saleswoman, oblivious to the pandemonium surrounding her, asks pleasantly if we'd like a free poster of Johnny Cash to go along with our purchase. And just like that we're the proud owners of a four-foot-tall visage of the Man in Black. Try getting that kind of service at the nearest mall.

Location Details

2000 4th Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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