Local Motion Clothing

Even as you're bustling down the busiest thoroughfare in Minneapolis, the store window catches your eye with its splashes of color, from chartreuse to crimson. Once inside, you'll be overwhelmed by the racks of pretty dresses and hand-knit sweaters, patterned shirts, and funky jewelry. For such a tiny shop, the selection is tremendous, from gossamer gowns fit for a wedding to basic-black casual pants. Many of the garments are made by local designers, providing a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous chains that dominate today's clothing market. (Who among us wouldn't like at least one striking outfit that's not available in every mall from Seattle to Miami?) The local origin of these duds also makes it easier for the salespeople to locate special sizes or styles. Adding to the ease is the low-maintenance factor: Most of the stock is machine or hand washable. And the very best thing? There's almost always a sale.


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