Penn Cycle

Looking for a lightweight, sturdy, streamlined work of art that you can attach to the back of your SUV, transport out into the country a ways, and take out for a luxurious afternoon ride around the lakes? Or perhaps you're looking for something with fat tires and a padded seat, so that you can take the sucker off road and spin its wheels in the mud for a while. Or maybe you want a high-style bad boy with tassels hanging off its handlebars, a long banana seat, and no more than two gears. Head to Penn Cycle. They might not have the largest or cheapest selection in the Twin Cities, but they understand that bicycles are about more than locomotion; they're an integral part of our self-image. Just take a look at their second level, in which the various styles, as well as posted explanations for their uses, fill the room like a World's Fair exhibit. In Los Angeles, the car is the symbol of status and personality, but this is the Twin Cities, where puppet theaters present skits about bicyclists rising up to push motorists off the streets. If you really want to show people who you are and where you stand, you're gonna have to do it with two wheels, and Penn Cycle will get you started at a competitive price.


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